Getting Your Book into Bookstores & Libraries | Susan Neal

Even though Amazon has been all the rage for book-buyers for much of the last twenty years, did you know there are many other outlets where readers can find your books?

Well … of course you did! You’re not just a writer, but a reader as well. If your life resembles mine, you probably buy books from Amazon all the time because of the price, speed, and convenience. But Amazon is only one of the many, many places where readers can find your books!

My guest today, Susan Neal, is here to help us learn how to get our books into bookstores and libraries—two absolutely vital places our books need to be.

Susan Neal, RN has a Masters in health science and an MBA. She lives her life with a passion to help others improve their health. After suffering a health crisis, she became an author and health coach to provide others with the tools they needed to heal their bodies and reclaim their ideal weight.

Her award-winning #1 Amazon best-seller is 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates. The third book in her Healthy Living Series, The Healthy Living Journal, won the Golden Scrolls award “Best Inspirational Gift Book.” Her newest release is 12 Ways to Age Gracefully: How to Look and Feel Younger, which releases near the end of May.

Susan has been featured in many media outlets including CTN’s Bridges TV show, WATC-TV Atlanta Live and Friends & Neighbors, TCT’s Julie and Friends, Charisma magazine, and numerous podcasts and radio shows. You can learn more about Susan at

Susan is also the Director of the Christian Indie Publishing Association, an incredible resource for faith-based authors to grow your author platform, book sales, and much more. I’m a member myself and recommend it highly! Learn more about

In this conversation, Susan and I talk about several key topics related to getting your book into bookstores and libraries:

  • Why get your book into those places when you can just Amazon?
  • The importance of having your own imprint.
  • Why you need to have the retail price printed on the back cover.
  • Why your book should be available through a major distributor, not just IngramSpark.
  • The value of speaking to a manager at local Barnes & Noble stores, or indie bookstores.
  • Susan’s thoughts on getting in libraries.

* * *

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