How to Double Your Revenue and Triple Your Time Off | Brianna Hendley

Since you’re listening to this podcast, you’re presumably interested in becoming more profitable. Sometimes as writers we play too small, thinking that if we can muster 10% growth this year, that’s a huge win.

I want to encourage you think bigger—much bigger! Today’s episode is different kind of conversation, where we’ll focus more on the philosophy of achievement and how to set really big goals for yourself.

My guest is Brianna Hendley. I met her a couple of years ago through Honorée Corder’s Empire Builders Mastermind, and I soon discovered that Brianna is razor sharp, with an incredible business instinct. I’m excited to introduce her to you today.

Brianna owns Achievant Coaching, which focuses on business, executive, and career coaching services. She describes herself as a problem-solving, goal-focused, process-driven morning person. Brianna is also a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and much more.

In this conversation, Brianna and I talk about the mindset it takes to double your revenue and triple your time off. Sound impossible? It won’t after you’ve heard Brianna’s brilliant thinking and strategy for going after the life you truly want.

You can connect with Brianna at, where you can learn more about her coaching services and programs.

* * * 

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