Improving Your Business Systems, Mindset, and Operations | Johnna Lacey

You’ve probably heard the phrase before, “Are you working IN or ON your business?” This question refers to the difference between being an employee who does the work of your business, and being the owner who is maximizing productivity, profits, and success.

When you’re a solo business owner, you wear both hats. It can be hard to see the difference between those two roles, especially if you don’t come from a business background and you feel swamped by all the things you have to get done.

I’m excited about this conversation my guest, Johnna Lacey, who is a long-time writer and advocate of better systems in our business.

Johnna Lacey is the CEO and head writer and editor of J.M. Lacey Communications, which focuses on writing and brand storytelling, training, and coaching. Built on empathy and the desire to eliminate frustration for business owners, leaders, and nonprofits, Johnna seeks ways to simplify what has been unnecessarily complicated using proven systems to achieve results.

She has been writing professionally for more than twenty years, but writing creatively for forty. She is also a poet, and is working on a novel and essays. Johnna also enjoys macro photography, gardening, cooking, exploring museums, and all things related to the arts.

You can connect with Johnna through her website,

In today’s conversation, we talk through a variety of questions:

  • What are solopreneurs, particularly writers, consultants, and coaches, doing to prevent business growth?
  • What does our mindset have to do with operating our business?
  • Why should we, as creators, separate ourselves from the business?
  • What does it mean to think about how we do things vs. what we do?
  • Why is it important to have standards, company policies, benchmarks, SOPs, and objectives in a business of one?
  • Why should you never tackle projects over which you cannot control?

This is a great conversation filled with practical advice for every writer!

* * *

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