Tips for Writing & Marketing Historical Fiction | Melissa LaShure

Most of what we discuss here on the Profitable Writer podcast is centered around nonfiction. That’s what I write, both for myself and for clients, and most of our guests are focused on nonfiction.

However, today I’m honored to feature a guest who is here to share tips and advice on writing and marketing historical fiction.

Melissa LaShure is the host of the LiteraryScape Podcast, where she discusses and recommends books in the historical Christian romance genre to readers around the world, as well as offering writing tips, tricks, and tools for aspiring authors. She is also the creator of HCRW (Historical Christian Romance Writers), a membership group where authors of historical Christian romance can learn and grow together. You can connect with Melissa at her website:

Our conversation focuses on a variety of topics, including:

  • Her journey as a writer.
  • How to find and target your reader.
  • What makes a historical Christian romance novel memorable.
  • What she’s doing this year to market her fiction.
  • Tips for authors who are just getting started.

Although Melissa’s genre is historical Christian romance, the vast majority of her advice will apply to authors writing in a variety of genres.

* * *

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