How to Talk About Yourself Through Your Author Bio & Branding | Lindsey Hughes

As a writer, your primary job is to communicate. Most of us feel very comfortable communicating our ideas, stories, and other content in a variety of forms. If you write for clients, you probably feel right at home when you write in their style or voice.

For some reason, though, many writers struggle when it comes to communicating about themselves!

It’s critical that we feel confident and assertive when it comes to talking about our work, our services, our value, and how we can help and serve others with our writing. That’s why I’m excited to bring you this conversation with Lindsey Hughes.

Known as the Pitchmaster, Lindsey loves helping people discover their superpower, create compelling content, and feel excited about pitching and networking. She teaches how to pitch like a boss, network like a VIP, and write like an Oscar winner. 

In her wide-ranging career as a Hollywood development executive, Lindsey has worked in everything from feature films, television movies, and TV series, to animation and live action. She began her career reading scripts for Robert Zemeckis and Kathryn Bigelow, worked under Michael Eisner at Walt Disney Feature Animation, and developed projects for John H. Williams, producer of the billion-dollar Shrek franchise. 

You can connect with Lindsey at her site,, where you can also subscribe to her weekly newsletter for actionable creativity and career tips.

In this conversation, Lindsey and I talk about ways we can improve our author bio, our branding, and various other means we use to communicate to people how we can serve them. This episode is going to be super valuable to every writer who wants to create more value for their ideas and services—that includes you as well!

Lindsey is full of energy and insights, and you’ll come away with lots of great ideas to boost your business profile. 

* * *

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