Growing Your Money Mindset and Monetizing Your Book | Honorée Corder

Apr 18, 2024

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I’m honored today to bring you a conversation with Honorée Corder, who is my Yoda, Gandalf, and Dumbledore all rolled into one. She’s my mentor and business coach, and it would be an understatement to say she’s had a big impact on my life and business these last few years.

Honorée Corder is the #1 expert on self-publishing. You can scour the internet, and I promise you will not find anyone who has more experience, credibility, or success when it comes to publishing and marketing their own books and creating a multi-layered, successful business from their ideas.

She is also the author of dozens of books, including: You Must Write a Book, The Prosperous Writer book series, Vision to Reality, The Bestselling Book Formula, Write Your First Nonfiction Book, She’s sold millions of books, so she definitely knows a thing or two about selling and success. Honoree also runs the Empire Builders Mastermind, which has been an awesome experience these last couple of years.

One of the ways we work together is that Honorée offers bespoke book creation to clients, and I’m the ghostwriter for those projects. Basically, this means it’s ghostwriting, publishing, and marketing at a very high level. It’s been an honor and a pleasure working on her team because she not only knows about marketing … she’s also written dozens of books and has sold books in every conceivable way.

Today’s episode is a recording from Honorée’s recent appearance as a guest expert in our Profitable Writer Community. We do a call each week, and once a month we feature an expert. Honorée shared some thoughts about money mindset and book monetization from her brand-new book, You Must Monetize Your Book.

On this call, we hit on several key topics:

  • The meaning of the phrase, “Scared money don’t make money.”
  • Using the filter ELFF (easy, lucrative, fast, fun) to decide which income streams to develop.
  • Why you need to start thinking a lot bigger.
  • Various income streams you can develop.

I encourage you to grab a copy of her new book because she shares a lot more detail than what you’ll hear on this call. But I hope it whets your appetite for more!

You can connect with Honorée and learn more about her books, courses, and more, by visiting